We provide hybrid IT solutions which enable people to connect, communicate and collaborate without limitations


Network services are crucial for keeping IT systems in operation, and it includes the configura- tion of essential network hardware components. An error or problem in the network can nega- tively impact the performance of a system or create a security vulnerability. We make sure that this is avoided, by proactively monitoring the critical network hardware. In doing so we can identify potential issues in the early stages, before they can develop into more serious prob- lems.

TREA Host provides hybrid IT solutions which enable people to connect, communicate and collaborate without limitations.

By combining experience, intelligence, and expertise with leading technologies from its ecosys- tem of partners, TREA Host creates secure, stable and scalable IT environments which help drive your business into the future.



We smoothly integrate your IT systems so they will be more ecient and easier to manage. Your processes will form one cohesive whole, and your IT experience will be seamless and stress-free. We take on the complicated technical tasks, so you don’t have to.

We manage all of your IT systems that are essential to your business. This includes everything from the phone system and the servers, to network security.

We charge per user, not per device. So, no matter how many desktops, laptops, tablets or phones you use, the cost will be the same. This can lead to considerable savings in costs, and there are no hidden expenses.

We deal with 3rd parties so you don’t have to. This means you won’t be stuck in the middle of communications between dierent vendors because we take care of everything. This will save you many hours of company time.

We plan for your future together. You know your business, and we know small business IT support. When we bring these two elements together, we can make sure your IT systems support your sta, plans and future business growth.

Our Support Services

IT Systems are vital to the everyday running of any business. TREA Host has expertise in all IT issues, and we provide support packages that are scalable and created to meet the individual needs of every business. The solutions we provide are flexible and developed to your requirements.

Managed IT Support For day-to-day IT challenges, we provide managed IT support that is practical and cost eec- tive. For every issue with technology, we have the required solution.

Cyber Security increasing range of cyber threats. Whether it may be accidental loss or malicious attacks, we have the appropriate IT security services and solutions.

Back-up Services Every business relies on data and technology in its everyday operations. At TREA HOST, we ensure that all this vital information is backed up and at no risk of being lost.

IT Relocation At the time of an oce relocation, it is important that IT systems can be kept running and any disruption is minimised. Our relocation services make sure the transition is smooth and stress-free.

Network Services We will make sure your IT network is operating at the highest level, without any potential errors or costly damages. TREA HOST oers consultancy services and the best available solutions.

Remote Work Working from a remote location is now much easier to manage with remote IT support to assist sta members with any technical diculties. Responses are immediate, saving both time and money.

IT Infrastructure To make sure your business is on course with the most eective approaches and solutions for